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  1. Mari Patino

    The quality of care that you will receive from any worker at Care Art is unprecedented and exceptional. They don’t just treat you like another client/patient but as family and you feel that immediately. The caregivers are passionate, caring, and hard working individuals who do not take their jobs light hearted. I would recommend their services to anyone I know and for my own personal family members too.

  2. Vicki Morris of Newport Beach

    I cannot say enough POSITIVE things about owner Ruth and her team of caregivers. They have been responsible for the 24 hour care of my Aunt and Uncle for the past year. Ruth initially became a participating caregiver in the care of my Aunt over seven years ago. Therefore, their VERY successful, trusting relationship has been established and ongoing. Not only are they skilled, observant and compassionate people, but they are also extremely loyal and protective of their patients, while being truly invested in their well being. They are very supportive of the extended families of their patients, always wanting to give feedback and updates as to the patients’ daily health and progress. The patient/caregiver relationship became blended, as I have seen the genuine love which Ruth and her team (including precious Maria) have shown to my family. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is contemplating needing future care, or is currently looking to have the confidence that their loved one will be nurtured, valued, treated with dignity and protected. Bless these WONDERFUL, selfless people for their blessings of their patients and others. I LOVE them! A+++++

  3. Debbie Gorder

    I am giving Ruth a five star rating as a caregiver. She was my mother’s caregiver for several years. She is very attentive, cheerful, and a wonderful person. My mother loved the time she spent with Ruth. She would take my mother, who was in a wheelchair out to do her errands. I really don’t think you could find a better person to take care of your loved one. Christine was very compassionate. I would recommend Ruth and her team to anyone needed care.

  4. Kyra Povirk of Salmon, ID and Kurt Povirk of Bayside, CA

    I was so fortunate to be provided with Ruth’s contact information one day last year – my fathers’ condition was deteriorating quickly and he really needed some additional one-on-one help. She and her team provided *the best* care and attention my father could have received. Sadly he had to move to northern California or we would still be Ruth’s clients. I wish she had an office where he lives now! She and her staff were so sweet, caring and attentive to my father, and very patient with him. While the assisted living facility staff tried to keep up with things, they were very thinly stretched – the difference made by Care Art in his quality of life was significant. He really liked his caregivers and they seemed fond of him too. In reading through previous testimonials, I would 100% agree with all of them. If you are in need, contact Ruth at Care Art, you will not be sorry you did! We Love and miss you Ruth and team!

  5. Gail Shendelman

    My 90 year old mom was living in an assisted living facility, but started falling with some frequency. She needed full time
    care but did not want to be moved to a board and care facility, and I was unable to accommodate her in my home. So we contracted with a highly recommended agency to provide caregivers to be by her side, day and night, to eliminate the risk of falling again.

    Mom hated all of them, as she felt she was losing her independence. I am certain we went through at least a dozen different caregivers.

    At that time, Ruth, the founder of Care Art LLC, worked for the agency we had hired. The day Ruth was assigned to my mom, Mom‘s life changed for the better. Ruth was the first person that Mom liked. Ruth introduced Mom to a another caregiver, who Mom also liked – because Ruth liked her! Hallelujah, we now had two people to provide Mom with the 24 hour care she needed!

    Over the next several months, Mom’s condition declined, to the point that she was no longer able to walk or transfer herself from the bed to the wheelchair. Despite all of these challenges, mom was dressed in clean clothes, her hair washed and styled, skin soothed with lotion, make up on, fingernails perfectly polished, EVERY TIME I came to see her, which was nearly every day! Honestly, I hadn’t seen her look that good in literally a decade. Best of all, she was HAPPY.

    Ruth cared for Mom for more than two years, sometimes working 24 hour shifts. She was dedicated and reliable, and always had a smile on her face. Mom grew to love Ruth dearly, and it was clear that Ruth was devoted to my mom as well. Because of Ruth’s excellent care, she lived out the last years of her life with dignity and comfort.

    I know that the people Ruth trains will be every bit as loving, knowledgeable and devoted as she, because that is her core value. And because of that, I would not hesitate to recommend Care Art LLC.

  6. Cathy Detrick

    If you are looking for exceptional care for someone you love, look no further. Ruth and her amazing staff are unsurpassed in not only the day to day care they lovingly provide, but in their ability to connect in a positive relationship with not only the patient but all family members as well. I cannot recommend them highly enough. You will not find better care anywhere, and that fact has been repeated to me by every medical practitioner who has come in contact with Ruth and her staff as she has cared for my parents.

    Ruth began caring for my mom in 2012 when she came home from Skilled Nursing following a fall. For several days a week Ruth was there to assist my mom in her recovery. As she improved, Ruth became like family and continued to help my mom weekly for the next 6 years.

    Beginning in June 2018, Ruth and her staff have provided 24 hour care to both my parents after they had nearly simultaneous heart attacks and were unable to care for themselves upon release from their stays in skilled nursing. For 6 months there were often 2 members of Ruth’s staff caring for both my mother and father as their needs increased. Whether it was Ruth or one of her staff, each one has provided loving, dedicated, and knowledgeable care, always keeping me informed and updated on their current condition. My parents were always well fed, clean, dressed and happy (as their health situations would allow), the house neat and tidy, and daily medical records updated multiple times during the day.

    When my father passed away in December, they each showed tremendous compassion not only to my mom but to my family and children, as well as skill in continuing seamless care for my mother, as they processed their own grief in the loss of my father, whom they loved like a member of their own family. Since then Ruth has been a rock for my mom and continues to treat her like her own grandmother, a feeling my mother reciprocates. It is obvious to anyone how devoted Ruth and her staff are to my mother.

    Their communication with hospice nurses, PT’s, and doctors is always thorough and timely. They go far above and beyond to take care of household emergencies that occur between my visits to my parents’ home, most notably when the entire downstairs of the home flooded and workers were in and out multiple times each day for weeks. Not only were they a point of contact for me but they kept all the chaos from disturbing my mother, without it detracting from caring for her.

    Ruth and all her caregivers are the angels my family has needed to navigate this very difficult time of life. They are reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and truly loving. Every one of them has been a blessing to my family. Because of Ruth and her team, my mother has been able to continue to live in her home for the remainder of her life, as was her wish.

    I cannot recommend Care Art highly enough. You will not find better care anywhere in your time of need.

  7. Sherri Vann

    I was so relieved when Maria walked in the door to help take care of my grandmother after her stroke. Maria was amazing! She was so sweet and helpful and totally put our minds at ease knowing that when we had to leave to go home, Maria would still be there taking great care of grandma. Knowing she was in such good hands made such a difference. We even gave Maria the nickname St. Maria because to us she is a Saint! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  8. Paul Ehrlich

    My family, including my Mom, are so grateful for the professional care and personal care Ruth and her team–Weeda, Maria, Teresa–provided for my Mom during her stay at Villa Valencia, even during one of her most difficult times.

    My wife and I were always kept informed on a daily basis, even sometimes even getting videos taken on a team’s phone of my Mom and her activities.

    Beyond the help and care my Mom required, I can honestly say they all went more than the extra mile, treating my Mom as if she was someone in their own family. And any request was never too big or too much trouble. My Mom often said how much she enjoyed their companionship and healthcare, and felt secure and safe with Ruth’s team.

    Without any reservation I highly recommend Care Art for anyone who wants their loved one to have the best care with total peace of mind.

    Thank you Ruth, Weeda, Maria ,and Teresa!

  9. Rick Gehring

    The staff that helped my mom were very aware of her needs.

    The 24 hour care kept great notes, which allowed us to review moms condition and sleeping pattern.

    I would recommend their services.

  10. Annamaria A

    Ruth and her team of caregivers have been a godsend to our family!!

    Ruth, June and Edgar provide exceptional care for my parents. They are professional, dependable, hardworking, trustworthy, and genuinely loving. They go out of their way to make sure my parents are not only cared for, but happy. They have been with us throughout Covid-19, and they adhere to and are extremely conscientious of the proper protocols.

    I receive immediate and detailed responses regarding my parents care. I have reached out to them at all hours (at times under emergency circumstances) and was always met with calmness, compassion and true concern (not only for my parents, but also for myself).

    My parents enjoy their companionship, and I enjoy the peace of mind knowing my parents are cared for by such a loving group of individuals.

    I highly recommend Ruth and her team!!

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